Add Custom Unique IDs to your Form Submissions in WordPress

Easy Registration Forms allows assigning Unique ID to each submission. Unique Id option can be enabled from Form Dashboard > Configure > Unique ID. It has two predefined schemes to generate IDs: Auto or Configure

Auto: This option assigns a Unique ID to the submission by incrementing the previous count.

Configure: Allows admin to change the scheme for Unique ID generation. Here are the options:

  1. Current Index: Sets the starting point of ID generation. When a form gets submitted, it will be assigned with the current index and for upcoming submissions, it gets increased from the previous value.
  2. Prefix: Strings can be added in front of IDs, this makes easier to relate with the unique ID as it can categorize Submissions. For example, if submissions are to be collected for an “Annual Photography Event”, prefixes like “APE-005” will be a lot easier to find than plain “005”. Using hyphen on your prefixes makes it easier to read.
  3. Number Padding:If you need your IDs to be of the same length by “0”s before the ID. Let’s assume that you are expecting 10,000 submissions for your form and you are using the “APE-” prefix for your IDs. Not using number padding will generate IDs as shown:
    • APE-1
    • APE-12
    • APE-123
    • APE-1234

    Using number padding, you can generate unique ID with symmetrical unique IDs, i.e 5 digits long number as per example, so if you select “5” in the number padding field, this will convert IDs to these:

    • APE-00001
    • APE-00012
    • APE-00123
    • APE-01234

    This helps you to organize your submissions.

  4. Number Offset: It defines the number interval for upcoming Submission IDs. For example, Current Index is 1 and Number Offset is 3 then Submissions IDs will be 1, 4, 7 and so on.

16 Replies to “Add Custom Unique IDs to your Form Submissions in WordPress”

    1. Hello Deni,
      Kindly follow the steps given below.

      1. Go to “Form Dashboard”
      2. Click on “Configure”
      3. Go to “General Settings”
      4. Enable “Unique ID” toggle button and configure it as desired with available options.
      5. Save when done.

      Please let us know if you still face any issue configuring Unique ID to your form submissions.

    1. Hello @Emeka,

      Thank you for contacting us. You can use “{{UNIQUE_ID}}” tag in either post submission message or in User Auto Reply notification.

          1. yes same for me too, in the post submission page it writes the correct unique ID but in the email notification, it writes {{UNIQUE_ID}}.

    1. Hello Andrew,
      Kindly note, a unique ID will be assigned to new submission, i.e after you’ve activated the feature in the form configuration, it won’t get applied to your previous submissions.
      Please write to us at if we are missing something would like us to explain the issue in detail in order to allow us to help you resolve it.

  1. Thanks for the nice plugin.
    I want to know, how can able to add”Unique Submission ID” to “Submissions Overview” table?
    Is it possible?
    Please inform me…

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