Add Font Awesome icons in WordPress Form

Add icons in WordPress Form

Looking for something extra to attract a visitor’s eye? Give an extra flavour to your guest with Font Awesome on your WordPress forms. You don’t need coding knowledge and two separate plugins to add icons in WordPress Form, It comes along with it to add a bit of visual flair to your form fields.

What is Font Awesome?

They are lightweight vectors which make your form look beautiful. Integrating external font icons or external library in a WordPress website can be painful and requires coding knowledge but when you add icons in WordPress Form using Easy Registration Forms is easy as a piece of cake even for an absolute beginner.

How to add icons in WordPress Form?

  • Create a new form
  • Select a field and edit it by clicking the pencil icon
    Add icons in WordPress Form
  • Click on “Advanced Settings”
    Add icons in WordPress Form
  • Look for ‘icon’ and click in the input text area, thumbnails of icons will appear to choose from.
  • Choose the desired icon, for users who are already familiar with Font Awesome, can use it by typing in the class in the input text box and save the form.Add icons in WordPress Form

Form Preview of ‘Add icons in WordPress Form’

Add icons in WordPress Form

Point to Remember

Make sure Label position is selected to “Top / Inline”.

Label Position can be found under form configuration “Display Options”

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