Configure an Order Form in your WordPress website

If you are looking for a paid user registration, donation or willing to sell a product on your WordPress website, Easy Registration Forms is the solution. You can use Offline payment which comes as a default payment option or can accept online payment with PayPal and Stripe add-ons.

Go to Global Settings > Payments and enable Configure Offline to enable Offline payment.
You can also configure an email from Global Settings > Global Notifications



First, you need to create a Plan using the following steps:
  1. Go to ERForms > Plans
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Select Product / User defined type from the dropdown as per your requirement.
  4. Name the plan.
  5. Save and Close.


Now you can integrate the plan within any Form:

  1. Create a new Form (You can also use any existing Form).
  2. Go to Configure > Plans
  3. Activate Enable Payment
  4. Enable the plans you want to activate for the current form. You can also change the order for the frontend by dragging the plan rows.
  5. You can also make any plan required.
  6. If you have multiple required plans and want the user to select only one of them, you can enable the option Allow single selection
  7. Save and close.


Changing payment status manually:

  1. Go to submission page in the dashboard.
  2. Click on the current Payment Status.
  3. A pop up will open to change the status along with the option to notify to the user.

6 Replies to “Configure an Order Form in your WordPress website”

    1. Hello Reenam,
      Currently, the feature you are asking for is not available. We have noted your requirements. However, feature implementation is completely demand-driven, So we can not promise you about when we are going to implement it.

      1. I would be more then happy with that feature, too. But as it is, I bought another plugin for member management and use EForms, that I love to pieces, only for submitting simple contact forms. With functions like this plus maybe a member-management, that is not so hard to program if it’s role based, you could offer more addons and go deeper in the market.

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