Creating Reports from submissions using Easy Registration Forms in WordPress

Why Reporting System:

Reporting and analysis make meaningful data easily accessible to decision makers and influencers at different levels.It helps decision-makers to analyse and interpret the submitted data from different prospects.

With Easy Registration Form, you get the power to analyse important data available on your scheduled emails in a readable CSV format file.

It allows configuring reports that can be sent to multiple recipients. These reports can have different fields as per the requirement of the concerned recipient.

Steps to create a Report using Easy Registration Magic.

    1. Create a new registration form
    2. Go to Form Settings->Reports and add a new report.
    3. Set ‘Name’, ’Description of the report
    4. Click on the individual field to provide an alias or to exclude any field from the report

    5. In recipients, single or multiple email addresses can be added.
    6. Fill in desired Email Subject and Email Message.
    7. Choose the first Date you when you want to initiate the reporting.
    8. Time on the above date to schedule the reporting.
    9. Set the recurrence (Twice daily, Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and save.

    If configured correctly recipients should start receiving the reports on the scheduled time.

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