How to Create Custom User Meta Fields with Easy Registration Forms

Looking to map User Registration form fields to User Profile? It’s easy to set up user meta fields with Easy Registration Forms

ERF allows mapping registration fields to user meta keys, So that information can be visible under User Profile in WordPress user manager (This will also enable you to integrate your registration data with other plugin’s user meta). But in order to display the data in the user profile, first, you need to set up your custom user meta in the WordPress side. In this article, we will show you how to set up user meta fields and then collect data using Easy Registration Forms

Before we get started, you will need to install and activate Easy Registration Forms

Custom User Meta Fields in WordPress

By default, WordPress includes limited user fields. For eg: Username, First Name, Last Name and Email address. Custom User Meta Fields allows collecting user information that is not supported on the user profile page natively. Let’s take a look at how to set up custom fields in the WordPress site.

  1. Install and activate the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  2. Add Custom User Field by going to Custom Fields menu and click on Add New button. You can add a title for your new field group. Let’s call it ERForms. Make sure to choose to Show this field group if to User
    Adding WordPress Custom Field
  3. Then add a new field in the EForms group by clicking on Add Field.
    Custom Field Options
  4. As you already setup Custom User Meta Field, create a Registration Form. For more details on creating a new form, click here
  5. Go to Form Builder area of our newly created Registration Form. Drag a textbox type field from the left pane. Then click on Edit icon of the field and change the field label to  Street 1

    Now click on Advanced Settings, scroll down to Map To UserMeta and check it. Once checked you will be presented with a new option Meta Key. This meta key value should be an exact copy of the Field Name we created in Advance Custom fields. Once done, save this form.
    Field's UserMeta Options
  6. Now publish this form with any WordPress page/post using the shortcode.
  7. On the front end form, provide any value in the Street 1 field and click on Register.
    Frontend view of Form
  8. After successful registration, go to this user profile in user manager in WordPress Dashboard and check Street 1 value
    WordPress custom user field.

That’s it. We hope this guide helped you to set up your custom user meta fields. Any questions and suggestions are welcomed.

15 Replies to “How to Create Custom User Meta Fields with Easy Registration Forms”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to use the user meta data input in form number 1, to auto fill the same field at form number 2. is it possible? and how?

    thank you
    idan levi

  2. Hi admin. How about in a woocommerce where we cannot control the meta binding in a fields?

    For instance, shipping_first_name and shipping_last_name is not binded with the first_name and last_name user meta.

    1. Hi,
      WooCommerce also uses meta keys to save any information. Using the same meta keys with our field to sync them. Means if you have any field which is bonded with meta key “shipping_last_name”, It will work for WooCommerce as well. Let me know if I am missing anything.

      1. Hi,
        After registration i send them to buy a product in Woocommerce. And indeed if you change the meta keys like, first_name in billing_first_name they appear in the Woocommerce fields. But if you then take a look in the backend at the details in the user menu the “normal fields” like in this case first_name are empty.
        Plus i need extra fields, like a select field which i can not connect to Woocommerce. How can i fix this?

        1. In that case you will have to create two fields: 1. First Name 2. Billing First Name
          However we will be including this in our next week release so that such WooCommerce fields will be directly mapped to WordPress fields.
          For Select fields, you need to configure user meta field as for others. It is not necessary for them to be in WooCommerce.

    1. Thank you for contacting us. For email, You can use our “User Verification” feature. System will activate the user only when verification has been done.
      Regarding Phone verification, I am assuming you want to send OTP to verify phone number identity. As of now this feature is not included.

    1. This can be done using URL parameters. Our Form accepts default values as URL params. For exampe: (This will populate default value of field labelled “First Name” as “John” )

  3. I successfully added a text field (ASG Member No). It appears in my Registration page. I entered data in this field. I went to the USER profile and did not see this field listed. Where can I find this data? – where is it stored? – how can i access it for my users?

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