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    I have one option in a checkbox group.

    It works on registration, but after a user has logged in they cannot edit its status in their submission. Nothing happens when you try to check the box.

    How do I fix that?


    Hello Rupert,

    There is no such known issue. It might be related to your theme. Are you able to check the checkboxes or you are unable to interact with them?



    Here is the image of the submission,


    I am not able to check the box.

    Is there a theme I can test it with?



    Also, if, as admin, I try to edit the submission of a user by going to,

    ERForms -> Submissions -> View (a user submission) -> Edit,

    it then displays the submission form for admin not the user. So I am unable to edit the submission.

    How can I resolve this?


    Please share your Form URL to take a look. (Do not send us the preview page URL, It is accessible to admin only).
    For Edit submission, Please provide more details about how the submission is related to admin. Is the Form loading admin’s data while editing the submission?



    The URL is

    However, I found the red button “Disable Edit Submission” which I clicked (turned blue) which allowed the user to edit, activating the checkbox. This was slightly confusing and think the red button should say “Enable Edit Submission” indicating what would happen when you click the button.

    Though this only worked for one user, is there a global setting for this?

    On the second issue “ERForms -> Submissions -> View (a user submission) -> Edit,” the form is populated by the admin’s data not the user. But only some data not postcode, flat number, phone.


    There seems to be some confusion. Let me explain:
    Edit submission feature is always available for Admin. The system should allow editing any field (Except email, Password and Username field) from Admin user. To allow edit submissions for all the users, Go to Form Dashboard->Edit Submission->Enable Edit Submission (Here you can select each field which you want to allow to edit). “Disable Edit Submission” button works on an individual submission (Even if Edit submission is enabled). This is how the system is supposed to work.

    Regarding the Edit submission, We are unable to replicate the issue at our end. We might need more details from your side to identify the problem. Can you please write to us here ?



    Ok, I understand about the user editing.

    On the other issue I have sent a support request.



    Above issue was happening due to incorrect configuration of SSL in WordPress. Nothing related to our plugin hence closing this support thread.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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