Conditional fields — option to show/hide "non-input" fields

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    I’ve recently purchased your extension “Conditional Logics”.
    It allows me to show/hide fields which are inputs. I need to show/hide also other types of fields. I am putting some additional informations into “richtext” fields and into other dynamical generated fields (via JS). But those fields are always shown.
    I could write myself some conditionals in JS to show/hide divs.
    But I wanted to support your work and save my time 😉

    Is it possible to “extend” your extension for described option?



    Hello Josef,

    Your requirements are quite specific but I believe with some simple javascript/jquery you can add your own show/hide functionality. You just have to register events and show/hide the relevant data. Let me know if you need any assistance in achieving the same.




    OK. I just need to show/hide some of the inputs (or Rich text elements,…) created by ERF builder.
    If you can show/hide input[type=”text”] etc. Why not other fields?

    If it’s hard to make for you (style of code) I understand.


    I am afraid it’s not straightforward due to the existing system. Our plugin does not attaches any specific information with the fields, Instead it fetches conditions as rules from server and then apply those rules to track show/hide of elements. That’s why it will be a complex task to add custom logic for dynamically added fields. However it would make sense to hide rich text content on the basis of selected fields. We have forwarded this as feature request to our technical staff.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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