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    I have a strange case of users registering with invalid data.

    On my registration form at I have a regex restriction on the postcode field of,

    [Ss][Ll]4 [1-9][A-Za-z]{2}$

    which should restrict the data to something like SL4 2XX.

    However, yesterday I had someone register with a postcode value of 29010.

    When I try to register (Chrome) with that value the form rejects it as invalid and registration isn’t allowed.

    So how did the user manage to register? Are there some browsers for which this regex restriction functionality does not work?


    Hello Rupert,

    Seems to be a strange issue. We just checked in Safari, Opera, Chrome, FireFox and IE. We are still testing it with older IE versions. Meanwhile can you please let us know the frequency of such submissions.



    Thanks. It’s happened twice in 18 submissions.


    Hello Rupert,

    We have released the fix in version 1.8.0. Please update.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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