Security token seems to be incorrect.

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    Hi folks!

    I set up my form for PayPal and everything seemed to be working properly. Then I turned on “Offline” payments and now, when selecting the “offline” button and hitting Submit, my form gives me this error…

    Error occured. Please confirm your data and submit again:
    Security token seems to be incorrect. Please reload the page and try again

    I’ve poked through your site and your forum for a solution, or even an indication of what is going on, but didn’t find anything.

    Can you please help?




    I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear enough in my description of the problem. Neither Offline or PayPal work now. Each throws up the error I shared in the above message. When I turned off the “Offline” option, the “PayPal” option still fails and gives me the above message.

    I googled “security token” and I don’t even understand what this is, and I’m pretty comfortable working with WordPress.


    Are you using any security plugin? If yes then please deactivate it and check. Let me know the outcome.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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