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    After submission of a form, no email is sent to the user as setup in “User Auto Reply”.
    I have followed your suggestion “How to fix WordPress Emails Notifications sending with SMTP” and email checks out fine.
    The only email sent is to admin as setup in “Admin Notification”.
    Please advice how to fix this.


    Please empty the “From Name” and “From Email” and then test. Let us know the results.



    Hi again,
    Thanks for a quick responds.
    Just tested again with blank “From Name” and “From Email”, but still same result and no email sent or received. 🙁


    Please send us your form URL.



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    Can you please send the screenshot of the User Reply email configuration ?



    Here is a scrreendump of User Reply email config:


    Thank you for the screenshot. It seems to be correct. We need more details in order to debug the issue at your end. Please raise a support request from here.


    As the issue is being found and resolved, I would like to share the details with other forum users. Our shortcodes are case sensitive and must match exactly with the field name. In the above screenshot, Auto reply recipient is set to one of the form’s field value. eg: {{E-post}}
    However field’s exact name is {{E-Post}} (notice that capital P). After correcting this case issue, problem was resolved.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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