How to create a form with Easy Registration Forms

A form allows your visitors to get in touch with you and to send valuable information. It plays a very important role in initiating communication with your potential customers. Here is a step by step guide to create a form in WordPress with Easy Registration Forms plugin.

  1. Install and activate the Easy Registration Forms plugin. After activation, go to ERForms->All Forms to create a form in WordPress. Now click on the Add New Form icon to create a new form. Here you will be presented with two options:
    Add New Form Popup with Form type options
    Choose any as per your requirements. Now click on the Save button and wait for the system to set up a new form for you.
  2. Once the form is created, you’ll be redirected to Form Builder area. By default, this area will have few predefined fields as per your form selection (Registration or Contact). You can remove these fields if required or you can continue adding new fields from the left pane.
  3. After setting up all the fields click on Save.
  4. To publish the form on the frontend, copy the form’s shortcode and paste it in any page/post.

That’s it. Your form is ready.

Have any questions or need assistance? Submit a support request here.

12 Replies to “How to create a form with Easy Registration Forms”

  1. How to delete pre-defined fields (By default this area will have few predefined fields as per your form selection (Registration or Contact). You can remove these fields if required).

    1. Registration forms require User Email and Password fields as these details are mandatory for User registration. However you can delete all the fields from Contact Form.

    1. Hello,
      Please follow the steps to create a two column layout form:
      1. Go to Form Dashboard.
      2. Click on Configure
      3. Click on Display Settings
      4. In Form Layout click choose ‘Two Column’
      5. Save when done.

  2. Hello,
    Please can anybody from your side help me in changing the color of the fonts right now I am having grey color fonts but instead of it I like to use white color fonts.
    Thank You

  3. Hello Usama,
    By default labels and input colors are inherited form the theme but you may override it by pasting the following CSS in your theme CSS file.

    For Labels :
    .erf-label-top.erf-container .erf-form label[class$=”-label”]{ color : #fff; }

    For Input Values :
    .erf-style-rounded-corner .erf-form .form-control{ color : red;}

    1. Hello @Jean,

      Could you please clarify your issue? Are you not able to edit the fields? It would be helpful if you can share the details.

  4. Hello. After deleting a registrants submission, that registrant is no longer able to re-submit a new submission (they get an error that the email address already exists). How do we delete users’ credentials so that they may resubmit on the form?

    1. Our plugin supports two types of forms. 1. Registration Form 2. Contact/Other form
      Registration form creates a new user under WordPress along with accepting the information. If you delete the submission, corresponding user won’t get deleted from the WordPress system. This is the reason, user is unable to re-register. There are two options:
      1. Ask users to login and then register on the same form. Our plugin provides a login section which can be displayed along with the registration form. Setting can be found under Form Dashboard->General Settings->Enable Login Form
      2. Use contact type of form.

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