MailChimp Integration with Easy Registration Forms

Integrate the world’s largest marketing automation platform, Mailchimp in WordPress with Easy Registration forms.

We made it easy to create unlimited newsletter MailChimp signup forms in WordPress for your email marketing list.

MailChimp extension allows you to add a user to the email list and email group you wish to. It also allows front-end user to choose an option if he wishes to opt-in or not with a checkbox.

Here are the steps:

  1. Get your MailChimp API key for integration. Click here for more details on getting keys.
  2. Once you get the API keys, Configure them from Global Settings > External Integrations->Enable MailChimp Integration
  3. Now enable the MailChimp for a Form in Settings->MailChimp Integration->Enable MailChimp Integration
  4. Select the MailChimp list from the dropdown (In case you are unable to see your MailChimp list here, Please make sure your API keys are correct).
  5. Map the MailChimp fields with the Form fields dropdown and save.

If configured correctly, User will be subscribed into the selected MailChimp list after successful form submission. You can also add an opt-in checkbox from Form Settings->Configure->General Settings->Enable opt-in checkbox

We have tried our best to make this integration effortless. However, there are a few points to keep in mind :

  1. MailChimp address field will map only when all the 6 address fields (Street Address1,Street Address2,City,State,Zip,Country) are selected.
  2. If any user is removed from the MailChimp dashboard then above integration won’t if the user submits the form again.

Feel free to contact us if you face ay difficulties in the integration.

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    1. Hello,
      Adding Mailchimp and configuring it for a form saves the submission details in the Mailchimp list.

      If we missed something, kindly explain your requirement in brief in order to allow us to understand your question.
      Feel free to drop us an email on for further assistance.

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