Conditional Logics


It comes with the following two features:

  1. Conditional Fields: This feature allows to show/hide fields on the basis of other field values. Mark any field required or optional on a different set of inputs. You can also invalidate submission entry on certain input values.
  2. Conditional Notifications: Facilitates sending notifications to different users on the basis of field values.
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Steps to setup:

  1. Purchase and Install the above add-on from the WordPress dashboard.  (Make sure EasyRegistrationForms plugin is already installed and active.)
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. After activation, Go to All Forms->Any Form’s Dashboard. Here you will see Conditional Fields and Conditional Notifications.
  4. Configure conditions as per your requirements. Refer to this tutorial for basic details.

In case of any issues, questions or suggestions. Please write to us here.

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Usage Limit

Personal (Single Site), Professional (Up to 5 Sites), Business (Unlimted Sites)

6 Replies to “Conditional Logics”

  1. Yes, you can hide the form on the basis of user roles.

    Please go to Form Dashboard > Configure > Restrictions and select the user roles in “Allowed User Roles“.

    Feel free to contact us here for further assistance.

  2. I am testing out ER form. My task is to make a form where people can sign up to a conference, select accomodation, meals, etc., where the selections carry an amount or a number. The values should total somehow, and upon submit, the data must be sent to another page where we have a manual payment gateway. Is this possible, and is it this extension that makes this possible?

    1. Hello Jan,

      You may integrate Conditional Logics with product that will show/hide the plans(products) in the form and total of product will be displayed, however currently we do not have the feature to allow user to fill in the quantity of products.
      Our team is working on the enhancement of the plugin and ability to add quantity of a plan by user will be added soon.
      In regards to your manual payment process, you may use offline payment and handle the payments accordingly.

      Please let us know if we missed something or misunderstood your requirement.
      You may also drop us an email on for further assistance.

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