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Simple yet powerful way to display Submission entries on your website.

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It allows showing submission records on the frontend.  Useful to set up a listing page with registration data. Here are some of the major features:

    1. Support 3 types of layouts (TableList, Card).
    2. Allows customising both Multiview and DetailPage view with only relevant fields.
    3. Fields can be restricted to any user role(s).
    4. Role restriction on view.
    5. Ordering of records by any custom field (Except checkbox and Multiselection dropdown fields).
  1. Filter submissions on the basis of assigned custom labels.
  2. Date range filter.
  3. Pagination
  4. Excluding any submission by ID.
  5. Google map field.
  6. Search box.

Plugin installation:

  1. After purchase, install the above plugin from the WordPress dashboard.  (Make sure EasyRegistrationForms plugin is already installed and active.)
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go to Views menu under ERForms.
  4. Click on Add New to create a view. Configure the view as per your requirements and save.
  5. On the Views page, copy the shortcode (ie. View does not exists.) and paste on any page/post.


Additional information

Usage Limit

Personal (Single Site), Professional (Up to 5 Sites), Business (Unlimted Sites)

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