Importing Submissions

Would you like to import your CSV data as Submissions? Our Submission Importer gives you the ability to import any CSV data into entries. There are no limits on the amount of data you can import ranging from hundreds to thousands of entries.  Also importing data in Registration Form results into bulk user registrations.

Here are the steps to import your CSV data :

  1. Install our add-on Submission Importer
  2. Go to Submission Import menu under ERForms menu in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Select the form in which you wish to import the data.
  4. Upload your CSV file and Click on Upload button.
    CSV Upload
  5. The Next screen shows you all the Form Fields to Map with CSV columns. The system will select the appropriate columns if Form Field labels and column labels are identical. But you are free to map them manually.
    Mapping of CSV and form fields.
  6. Click on Proceed button. Next screen shows sample entries to confirm the data mapping.
    Preview after CSV and form fields mapping.
  7. Click on Import to initiate the process. The system starts importing CSV data as submissions. It will show you a link to error file in case it’s unable to import any record due to invalid or missing data.

Key points:

  1. Our Importer imports the data as per the field configuration of the selected Form. For example: If any field is required and it is not available in the CSV file, then it is considered to be a validation error. Similarly, all other field constraints will be applied.
  2. Any date column should be in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  3. Importer won’t import any media files associated to the submission.
  4. User Registration (During import) won’t trigger an email notification.

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